Tony Jeary

Tony Jeary is a strategist. Many call him The RESULTS Guy ™ because of this simple fact—he helps clients get the right results faster. He is a unique and powerful facilitator and subject matter expert who has advised over 1,000 clients and published over 3 dozen books. His studio process of live note taking, combined with his Strategic Acceleration methodology, is a secret weapon for his special clients. Tony has invested the past 20 years developing facilitation processes and systems that allow him and his team to accelerate results, doing planning meetings in a single day, and producing results that often take days, weeks, and months in a single eight-hour session. That’s a rare gift.

The world’s greatest CEOs recognize the importance of thinking, strategy, and communication; and many seek Tony for all three of these. He’s a gifted encourager who helps clarify visions.

The primary goal of every leader is to enhance value and communicate their vision effectively so that their teams can execute that vision in the marketplace. He does this, personally coaching presidents and CEOs of Walmart, TGI Friday’s, New York Life, Firestone, Samsung, Ford, Texaco, and SAM’s; even those on the Forbes richest 400 engage Tony for his advice. Tony personally helps these top leaders: define their goals; accelerate their opportunities; create, establish, and build their personal brands and careers; deliver powerful paradigm-shifting presentations; grow their leadership abilities; and accelerate the right results faster! He and/or his whole firm can be booked through his business manager. Tony Jeary International can be retained to do amazing things to support accelerated RESULTS.

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