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What Others Are Saying...

  • James O’Connor
    President, Ford Motor Co.

    “I have found Tony’s insights to be both practical and helpful.”

  • Brent T. Barker
    Strata Capital Group

    “Peter’s mature, calm advice resonates to all levels of self-improvement, making life’s greatest challenges seem more manageable.”

  • Tony Hartl
    Founder of Planet Tan, CEO of PAH Capital, LLC

    “This book is a must read for entrepreneurs! Peter Thomas and Tony Jeary provide you with 100 key rules for accelerating success and having a richer life.”

  • Vince Poscente
    Author, New York

    “Peter Thomas is a master visionary as Tony Jeary is an extraordinary strategist. Together they have collaborated on a book I wish I had twenty years ago. It would have saved a whole heap of trial and error.”

  • Ricky Richardson
    President, TGI Friday’s, USA

    “Their writings are a success ‘playbook’ that will raise the performance of top leaders across the business world.”