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Business Ground Rules: 100 Lessons for Success

Business Ground Rules offers entrepreneurs and leaders/high achievers the opportunity to take their business and life to the highest levels! Two remarkable high achievers, Peter Thomas and Tony Jeary deliver the 100 secrets to creating your own wealth and success in order to live a richer life. This book is an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to achieve radical success.  It is not just about being rich - it's about living a richer life.


Tony Jeary

Tony Jeary is a strategist. Many call him The RESULTS Guy ™ because of this simple fact—he helps clients get the right results faster. He is a unique and powerful facilitator and subject matter expert who has advised over 1,000 clients and published over 3 dozen books. Full Bio



Connect with Tony and book him to impact your results faster! A must action for the highest achievers. 

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Peter H. Thomas

Peter Thomas has been a serial entrepreneur for more than four decades, specializing in franchising and real estate. Peter is recognized as one of the leading developers and lenders of his time. He has developed billions of dollars in real estate projects, from shopping centers, apartments, and condominiums, to golf courses. Full Bio



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Strategic Planning

Connect with Tony Jeary and learn from his core concepts: Clarity, Focus and Execution. Learn more at

Tony Jeary

Change your thinking change your RESULTS. Learn more at

Thomas Franchise Solutions

Thomas Franchise Solutions invests in and develops North American franchisors who are looking to accelerate growth. Visit Site

Entrepreneur's Organizaton

Join Entrepreneurs Organization today. The organization Peter helped found in 1987 continues to grow, see why. Visit Site

Tony Jeary - Tony Jeary International

Peter H. Thomas - Thomas Franchise Solutions

What Others Are Saying...

  • Tony Hartl
    Founder of Planet Tan, CEO of PAH Capital, LLC

    “This book is a must read for entrepreneurs! Peter Thomas and Tony Jeary provide you with 100 key rules for accelerating success and having a richer life.”

  • Brent T. Barker
    Strata Capital Group

    “Peter’s mature, calm advice resonates to all levels of self-improvement, making life’s greatest challenges seem more manageable.”

  • James O’Connor
    President, Ford Motor Co.

    “I have found Tony’s insights to be both practical and helpful.”

  • Vince Poscente
    Author, New York

    “Peter Thomas is a master visionary as Tony Jeary is an extraordinary strategist. Together they have collaborated on a book I wish I had twenty years ago. It would have saved a whole heap of trial and error.”

  • Ricky Richardson
    President, TGI Friday’s, USA

    “Their writings are a success ‘playbook’ that will raise the performance of top leaders across the business world.”

SUCCESS Magazine Book Summary

SUCCESS Magazine is one of the most impactful magazines available today. They help people think smarter and expand their ability to bring more of what they want in life. Tony is an ongoing columnist providing impactful examples on success and best thinking, SUCCESS has decided to choose Business Ground Rules to offer in their March edition of SUCCESS Summaries.

Click here to download a PDF of the summary and we encourage you to subscribe to this great resource. The subscription to SUCCESS Magazine includes 36 issues in both written and audio format. Each issue comes with a free audio CD featuring insights from leading achievement experts.


Download Business Ground Rules Intro

The best way to predict the future is to create it.” - Peter Drucker

In order to be successful in life, you must start with focus and clarity. If you don’t have clarity on your values, goals, and dreams, you can’t get focused, and you won’t get what you want. This book will help you gain clarity on what it takes to be extraordinary—both in business and in your life. Inside you’ll find the business principles that have transformed hundreds of high-achieving individuals,leaders, entrepreneurs, and companies we’ve worked with over the years.Furthermore, this book will change your thinking on business, and provide practical lessons and tools to get results faster.

Download the most interesting intro of how this book came to be as well as the table of contents so you can see all 100 Lessons.

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